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Portable stress analyzer URAN

Portable diffractometer URAN - measure of residual stresses

URAN (PDF 797 kB)
The URAN is designed for non-destructive testing of elastic deformations of the crystal lattice and the calculation of residual and operating stresses in parts and structures of various purposes for their manufacture, operation and repair (wheels of railway transport, pipes, springs, bridges, ropes, welds etc). Samples can have an arbitrary, complex surface (straight, inclined, wavy, with bends). There are no restrictions on the size of the samples. Studies can be conducted in the laboratory, in the workshop, in the field, directly on site.

The URAN is the representative of a new generation of portable X-ray diffractometers, developed by specialists of AMTERTEK according to the terms of reference issued by Vyksa Steel Works for the control and evaluation of output at various stages of production.

The URAN is certified by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Certificate RU.E.37.409.A No. 66804) as a type of measuring instrument, registered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments under No. 68219-17, is approved for use in the Russian Federation and is also exempt from radiation monitoring and accounting.

The X-ray diffractometry method is introduced in interstate standard GOST 32207-2013 "Wheel for railway stock. Methods of residual stresses determination".

The shooting scheme used in the diffractometer is the true «Sin2Ψ» scheme. It allows to determine with high accuracy the stresses in the material, both in magnitude and in directions lying in the plane of the surface. The X-ray tube used in the Uran has such a low power (4 W) that the level of the background radiation does not exceed the natural level of the operator's environment and makes the work of the diffractometer environmentally safe. The low power of the X-ray tube does not require any heat fluxes takeoff by water cooling, does not require special radiation protection, and provides a reduction in the dimensions of the goniometer and power unit and, accordingly, the overall weight of the device.

The specialized software has an intuitive interface and is intended for controlling the diffractometer, obtaining and processing data obtained from the measuring path of the X-ray detector. The user interface corresponds to the established standards of Windows applications, which allows users to easily and quickly master the application.

The URAN is easy to use, completely computer-controlled, does not require a separate personnel with a special qualification for service and operation.

The advantage of this diffractometer is the rapidity of alignment on samples with an arbitrary working surface, as well as the transition from sample to sample, safety, portability, low power consumption, non-destructive analysis, ease of maintenance, use both in the laboratory and in the workshop.

This development was commissioned by Vyksa Steel Works for non-destructive evaluation of deformations and mechanical stresses of finished products (railway wheels, pipes), which have various shapes and sizes and are currently in operation. The diffractometer developed and delivered to the customer's enterprise has no analogues in terms of its technical characteristics and capabilities. It is portable and radiation safe. The design of the measuring system of the diffractometer makes it possible to determine deformations and mechanical stresses at any point of interest in the complex design of the product without destroying it.

Unlike the existing methods for estimating the stress-strain state (strain gauges, acoustic, magnetic, etc.), this method is the only direct method of investigation.

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