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Microfocus X-ray Fluorescence Imager for Elemental Analysis МS50M

The MS50M microfocus energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer with a mapping function based on Kumakhov polycapillary X-ray optics is designed for non-destructive qualitative and quantitative determination of the mass concentration of chemical elements in solids, bulk materials, powders, liquids, samples deposited on films and filter paper.

- analysis of micro-objects and micro-inclusions;
- automatic adjustment of the sample;
- motorized 3-coordinate little table;
- building a map of the distribution of surface elements of the test sample.

Mapping of the distribution of elements is carried out with an X-ray beam with a diameter of 80 µm with a displacement step of 10 µm (as standard). The area of analysis on the test sample is selected through a software interface using motorized linear sliders and a digital microscope. Analysis of the sample surface with the construction of a map of the distribution of elements (2D-scanning) is performed automatically. The motorized slide has a movement step of 10 µm with a movement range of 95x45x40 mm along the XYZ axes (other options are available).

The spectrometer uses a highly stable X-ray tube with a power of 50 W, a polycapillary focusing X-ray lens, and a spatially collimated X-ray beam of small diameter. The size of the focal spot, depending on the lens used, can vary from 80±50 µm or more. Focusing polycapillary optics makes it possible to study both microinclusions and microsamples with sizes from several micrometers.

Digital microscope with magnification up to 90-200x for visual control and adjustment to the object. The microscope allows to conduct photo and video recording of the object under study, to measure the geometric parameters of the surface.

MC50M is an indispensable tool for diagnosing the technical condition of engines of all types (including aircraft engines) by expressly determining the elemental composition of wear particles contained in working fluids, oils and lubricants.

The device is easy to use, completely computer-controlled, does not require a separate personnel with a special qualification for service and operation.


Sample sizes5 мкм3 or more
X-ray source spot size≥ 80 мкм
Elemental rangeNa(Al) - U (air)
Limit of detection (depending on elements), %0,0001 ÷ 100 (solid)
n*10-7 ÷ 100 (liquid)
Absolute local sensitivity, g10-14
Sample typessolids, liquids, particles, powders and thin films
Sample positioningautomated, 3D positioner with a travel step of 10 µm
Photo and video recording of the area under studyusing an optical digital microscope
X-ray source anodeMo (option Rh, Ag, Pd, W)
Voltage, kV5 ÷ 50
Current, mA0 ÷ 1
Power, W50
TypeSilicon drift detector SDD
CoolingPeltier element
Energy resolution on the 5.9 keV line125 ÷ 135 eV
Power230 V/ 50 Hz, 1 phase
12 V (option)
Weight no more than, kg40
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm400х360х500

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