X-ray Structural and X-ray Spectral Analysis

Portable Stress Analyzer URAN

Desktop X-ray Diffractometer MIRA

Microfocus ED-XRF Imager MS50M

Microfocus ED-XRF Spectrometer МS50

ED-XRF Spectrometer MARS

PSD X-ray Detectors

AMTERTEK offers X-ray analytical equipment for solving problems of identification of an unknown substance, elemental analysis in a stream of liquid and solid samples, input and output control of manufactured products, confirmation of compliance with passport data, automated process control, monitoring of critical structures in real time. The portable performance of the devices opens up the possibility of studying large-sized products without disassembling and destruction, as well as analyzing hard-to-reach places of the sample under study.

The proposed equipment allows you to quickly obtain such important information as:

  • elemental composition of the material including in the stream
  • structural (phase) composition of the material
  • surface finish
  • estimate surface residual and acting stresses

Amtertek LLC specialists will develop non-standard equipment according to the technical requirements for the specific tasks of the customer, adapting solutions to technological processes and production features. The equipment supplied is distinguished by an optimal price-quality ratio, accompanied by warranty and post-warranty service.

It is possible to conduct single or periodic research on a contractual basis, as well as conducting research and development work.

Educational institutions are offered a demonstration training complex for laboratory works and in-depth mastering of the fundamentals of X-ray diffraction and X-ray spectroscopic method for studying poly and monocrystalline materials.