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Desktop multifunction diffractometer MIRA

Desktop multifunctional X-ray research complex MIRA

The multifunctional X-ray complex MIRA is designed for the study of poly- and mono-crystal samples having an arbitrary, including complex, shape. It provides for X-ray phase analysis, element analysis, determination of residual and acting mechanical stresses, determination of the shear plane and surface quality of single-crystal plates. The possibility of simultaneous study of the phase and elemental composition, allows to accurately and expressly identify an unknown (investigated) substance. Additional options allow to significantly expand the range of tasks of this complex, while minimizing the costs of maintenance and operation of research laboratories.

At the request of the customer, the complex can be supplied with separate options, for example, only for phase and (or) element analysis, and, if desired and necessary, adding the required functionality.

  • X-ray phase analysis
  • X-ray fluorescence analysis
  • Analysis of residual and acting mechanical stresses
  • Analysis of thin and multilayer heterostructures
  • Quality control of single-crystal plates

Features of the MIRA complex: polycapillary x-ray optics combined with a low-power X-ray tube (50 W) used in the complex allow solving a wide range of research tasks, including qualitative and quantitative phase analysis, element analysis of samples of different shapes and sizes. The compact design of the complex allows performing many types of research using a single system, which makes the device universal. The design of the measuring chamber allows to study large samples up to 30 cm in size. Convenient software with an intuitive interface make working with the complex comfortable, allowing you to easily and quickly obtain all the necessary data, both about the structure and chemical composition of the sample.

The use of Kumakhov X-ray polycapillary optics for the formation of a primary X-ray beam makes it possible to realize measurement schemes on sliding primary and diffracted beams to estimate the parameters of multilayer heterostructures.

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