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Microfocus X-ray fluorescence spectrometer МS50

Microfocus X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer МS50

MS50 based on polycapillary optics is designed for non-destructive qualitative and quantitative determination of the mass concentration of chemical elements in solids, bulk materials, powders, liquids, samples deposited on films and filter paper. A small focal spot from 50 microns makes it possible to investigate both microinclusions and microscopic samples measuring from several micrometers in size.

Features: high sensitivity in the analysis of liquid samples, compact design, the possibility of analysis of microparticles and microinclusions, radiation safety, low power consumption, convenient software, low-power X-ray tube, the ability to work from the vehicle's on-board network or from storage batteries - the distinctive features of this X-ray fluorescence spectrometer.

MC50 is an indispensable tool for diagnosing the technical condition of engines of all types (including aircraft engines) by expressly determining the elemental composition of wear particles contained in working fluids, oils and greases.

The spectrometer uses a highly stable X-ray tube combined with a high-voltage power supply (monoblock), conjugated with a polycapillary focusing X-ray lens, which makes it possible to create an X-ray beam of small diameter. The size of the focal spot, depending on the lens used, can vary from 50 μm or more.

Digital microscope with magnification up to 90-200 times for visual control and adjustment to the object. The microscope allows you to conduct photo and video recording of the object under study.

The specialized software has an intuitive interface and is intended for controlling the spectrometer, obtaining, processing and analyzing the spectrum of the characteristic X-ray radiation obtained from the measuring path of the X-ray detector. The user interface corresponds to the established standards of Windows applications, which allows users to easily and quickly master the application.

The device is easy to use, completely computer-controlled, does not require a separate personnel with a special qualification for service and operation.

  • study of micro-objects and micro-inclusions;
  • small beam diameter from 50 μm for high spatial resolution;
  • highest sensitivity at the level of tens of ppb when analyzing solutions with a volume of 1 μl (using patented technology); 
  • high-resolution silicon drift detector;
  • use of polycapillary X-ray optics;
  • the smallest dimensions and weight of the system;
  • radiation safety;
  • sample preparation is minimal (or not required);
  • convenient software, qualitative and quantitative analysis;
  • ease of use and maintenance;
  • low-power X-ray tube;
  • the possibility of using both in field and in stationary conditions.

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