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MS50 Application

Microfocus X-ray fluorescence spectrometer МS50

The MS50 microfocus spectrometer has a wide range of applications, for example:

Geology – analysis of rocks and minerals.
Mining  – analysis of ores and their enrichment products.
Microelectronics  – research of wafer (determination of microimpurities).
Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy  – analysis of pure substances and alloys.
Ecology  – analysis of water, plants, sediments, etc
Medicine  – analysis of trace amounts of elements in the blood, hair, nails.
Criminal science, forensic medicine – analysis of trace amounts of substances in human organs, detection of shot traces.
Customs control  – analysis of objects during customs examination.
Jewelcrafting  – analysis of the composition of materials in jewelry.
Finance  – analysis of the authenticity of banknotes, securities.
Archeology  – analysis of antiques.
Art  – authentication of works of art.
Agriculture  – analysis of soil, fertilizers.
Educational process  - conducting laboratory works, etc.
Diagnostics of the technical condition of engines of all types (including aircraft engines) by express determination of the elemental composition of wear particles contained in working fluids, oils and greases.
Among other things, the method of X-ray fluorescence analysis is widely used in the petrochemical industry and in many other branches of the national economy. All types of research are carried out with nondestructive testing, on a small volume of matter.

The use of a local X-ray fluorescence spectrometer MS50 in the study of biological samples:

X-ray fluorescence analysis of a biopsy

Biopsy specimens of the gastric mucosa. The arrows indicate the test points, the area of analysis (the size of the x-ray probe) is ~30 μm.

Biopsy characteristic spectra of the gastric mucosa.

X-ray fluorescence analysis of a hair.

Human hair, the area of analysis is highlighted (on the left - the bulb, in the center - the border of the bulb-stem, on the right - the stem).

X-ray fluorescence spectra of a hair.

X-ray fluorescence analysis of a human tooth fragment with a filling.

Fragment of a breakaway tooth (on the left - the area of healthy tissue, on the right - a filling).

X-ray fluorescence spectra of a fragment of dental tissue and fillings.

X-ray fluorescence microanalysis can be used to solve many problems in medicine when studying the role of macro-and microelements in various diseases, in the study of biosubstrates in diagnostics, studying the effect of environmental pollution on human health, determining toxic metals in connection with the prevention of occupational diseases, etc.

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